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21 September 2012 @ 07:33 pm
Sif/Loki - A Dragon Moves Amongst Us, Chapter 10  

A Dragon Moves Amongst Us
Chapter 10

Rating - Teenage
Characters Loki and Sif
Pairing Loki/Sif
Summary - During one of their many adventures, Sif runs into a dragon who looks and acts just like Loki. She doesn't realise it's only a trick and finds herself in a lot of trouble, in more ways than one...
Genre - Romance/Fantasy
Status - Work in Progress, Chapter 10 of 15?
Word Count - 2,478 words

So, I was set a drabble challenge by mechelune to write a Sif/Loki story where Sif meets a dragon who looks and acts like Loki. The result was a lot longer than a drabble because I've been having such fun writing it.

Here's the tenth part, at fanfic.net, with more on its way soon. This chapter Sif and Loki find themselves about to lose to the powerful dragon – can they get out alive?

You can also read the story from the beginning here.
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