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14 April 2012 @ 11:03 pm
Sif/Loki - A Dragon Moves Amongst Us, Chapter 3  

A Dragon


Amongst Us

Rating - Teenage
Fandom - Loki/Sif
Summary - During one of their many adventures, Sif runs into a dragon who looks and acts just like Loki. She doesn't realise it's only a trick and finds herself in a lot of trouble, in more ways than one...
Genre - Romance/Fantasy
Status - Work in Progress, Chapter 3 of 10?
Word Count - 1,147 words

So, I was set a drabble challenge by mechelune to write a Sif/Loki story where Sif meets a dragon who looks and acts like Loki.

Here's the third part, with more on it's way soon - at fanfic.net, AO3 or at LJ.

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