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17 February 2012 @ 06:24 pm
Sif/Loki Fic - It Takes Two to Tango! Chapter 4  

It Takes Two to Tango

Rating - Teenage
Main Characters - Loki/Sif
Summary - Eighteen year old Sif is horrified when she discovers she has to attend the next Asgardian Ball. Not only will she have to wear a dress, but she'll have to dance! Unable to face the embarrassment of proper dancing classes, she enlists Loki's help.
Genre - Humour/Romance
Status - Work in Progress, Chapter 4 of 10?
Word Count - 2, 702 words

This story is meant to be a bit of a silly, but I hope humorous and entertaining look at a younger Sif and Loki. There will be a good few chapters, so I hope you continue reading.

Written for the prompt on LJ's Norsekink - I'd like to see Loki teach Sif how to dance for a formal occasion at Asgard.

Read my next chapter, chapter 4, at LJ, or at fanfic.net or at AO3.

Or start at the beginning with Chapter 1.

Thanks for reading and I hope you enjoy!

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